NIGERIA: Football fans not happy

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


So many football fans in nigeria are presently dissapointed after the publication of the final list of nominees by the world football governing body Fifa of players shortlisted for the award as best footballer for the year 2013.

The list that was made public by fifa has the name of just one African in the person of KOLO TOURE from ivory coast who will be competing against other players from Brazil Argentina and most especially Europe.Most of the fans were expecting to see the name of any nigerian footballer in the list selected by fifa but unfortunately it was not so.According to some of the fans the output of some of their players this year warrants that atleast one be amoungs the Top 10 in the world.Some others belive that having just one african in the list is just too small at least with the output of players like Samuel Etoo from cameroon and Didier Drogba from ivory coast the list should have been extended.But notwitstanding the hope this will be corrected in the future.


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