Chris Brown to be jailed for two years? C’mon MTO, stop!

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

MediaTakeOut is the only gossip site in the world reporting that Chris Brown is about to be locked up for 2 years. If it was TMZ reporting this, I’d be really worried, but MTO have a way of exaggerating things. Hopefully this is not true. Below is how they are reporting Chris Brown’s impending jail time. just spoke with a very well placed insider Рinside the Los Angeles Probation Department Рand they tell us that they will ask that Chris Brown be taken to jail immediately  for two years..

The insider told us that the decision has already been made – they want Chris in jail for two years. And the department is working on a brief as we speak – to ensure that Chris gets locked up.

According to our insider, there is not much that Chris Brown can do about it either. They explained, “[Chris] lawyer can’t really stop him from getting locked up. Only the judge can save Chris . . . but no one expects that to happen.”

According to our insider Chris is expected to be locked up as early as next week.

Who believes this?


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