Gov sullivan chime’s wife,clara leaves govt house

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Chime and Clara

The Enugu State First Lady, Mrs. Clara Chime, yesterday, left Government House where she alleged she had been illegally confined following controversies over her reported health challenges.

Mrs. Chime left the Government House, yesterday, following an earlier meeting between the families of her husband, Sullivan Chime, and those of Clara on Saturday. It was learnt that Sullivan had convened the meeting in view of the controversies trailing his decision to have his wife treated at home instead of a mental home either in Enugu or abroad.

Governor Chime had himself hinted that the Saturday meeting would determine whether Clara would be asked to go to her parents where she would have unlimited freedom or remain at the Government House and be restricted in accordance with the advice of the neuron-psychiatric doctor treating her.

The governor, with the assistance of security operatives attached to Government House had packed Mrs. Chime’s personal effects on Sunday evening and forcibly took her from the lodge to her mother’s residence at the Coal City Garden Estate behind CBN headquarters in Enugu.

Trouble had started when Mrs. Chime insisted she must leave with her four-year-old son, a plea that was vehemently rejected by the governor who ensured she was led into a convoy of six vehicles and driven straight to her mother’s place.

However, on getting there, the mother who had not been notified that her daughter was being brought home, was not at home which forced Mrs. Chime and the security operatives to sit in their cars waiting for her mother to return.

Vanguard gathered that after waiting for close to two hours, without the security men returning, the governor, ordered that Mrs. Chime be brought back to the Government House.

However, as early as 8am, yesterday, Mrs. Chime was again driven to the estate and handed over to her mother who was said to have wept profusely on sighting her daughter.

A young man who claimed to be living at the Boys Quarters in the compound confirmed that the governor’s wife was actually brought back to the house in the morning.
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