42 years old Landlord Defiles His Tenant’s 10 years old Daughter

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Police detectives from Igando Police Station in Lagos, have arrested a 42-year old landlord for allegedly defiling a 10-year old daughter of his tenant.

The incident occurred on 10 November at 45, Unity Road in Egan, Lagos, and according to P.M.NEWS, the suspect, Taiwo Bakare, an electrician from Oyo State, had lured the girl, (name withheld) to his parlour with sweet where he allegedly committed the act.

He thereafter attempted to insert his manhood into the little girl’s private part when he was caught in the act.
Another tenant saw him and raised an alarm, which attracted other tenants. Police detectives were invited and they arrested the man and took him to their station.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS, the suspect, who claimed to be married and has four children, confessed that he has a high libido.

My wife and children had all gone out when the devil took the better part of me and I had to lure the girl to my parlour in an attempt to have sex with her,” he confessed.

A senior police officer at the Igando station confirmed the incident and said the suspect will soon be charged to court


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