Jay Z And Beyonce Are Not Having A Trial Separation

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Jay Z and Beyonce may have a lot of problems but not having a trial separation according to a lot of tabloids, the rumours that Beyonce is reportedly considering a trial separation from Jay because she feels he isn’t fulfilling his duties as a husband and father may be far from true, but we learned that their issues as parents are as normal as anyone else’s minus the pressure of fame and their career.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s five-year marriage has been one of the most rock-solid in showbiz. This rumour started with star magazine report that reported a rift in the power couple’s affair and it has gone viral.

There is no truth about a separation, “They are not thinking of a separation. They actually are trying to figure out how to hang out more. Their marriage is fine, they are working on getting together more for the holidays and nobody should expect a break up, separation or divorce,” the source confirmed.

We can breathe with a sigh of relief because the Carter family is in one piece…


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