Ice Prince Vs MI Abaga: Who Is Your Favorite?

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

I know. Your prejudice have already kicked in, the moment the headline flashed across your bright screen. But it’s worth a deep thought.  Relax; suck in some breath, and for a moment run the question through your mind. Between Ice Prince Zamani and M.I Abaga, on which side would you pitch your loyal tent?”

Let’s begin with M.I. M.I is a revolutionary leader who changed the landscape of Hip hop culture in Nigeria. M.I’s role in the music industry cannot be overstated. Since 2009, when he broke onto the scene with his debut album, ‘Talk About It’, he has never looked back.

He has been described by many Nigerian hip hop fans as Nigeria’s ‘Hip Hop Messiah’. MI has done a lot to bring a Northern presence to the Nigerian music industry. He depicts the perfect example of bringing Nigeria together.

On the other divide, Ice Prince could be said to be the bloomer who grew so big that his father’s trousers became his underpants. In 2004, Ice Prince got his musical career to a professional start. He released his debut single “Extraordinary”. “Rewind”, another single he released received radio airplay in Lagos and Abuja. It charted on top Nigerian entertainment platforms and channels, announcing him to an African stage.

His musical style is purely commercial, mixed with ‘street smarts’. He appeals to both sides of the market; the ‘streets’ and the ‘corporates’. And with such an engaging allure, he quickly has grown to impose himself on the Hip hop scene.

His sophomore album, “Fire Of Zamani” was recently been released with a concert slated for this weekend.

So readers, who’s your tent with? Who would you rather hold dear? The pioneering M.I Abaga? Or the blustering Ice Prince?

Let’s hear your thoughts. M.I or Ice Prince?


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