Kelly Handsome drops new single ‘Ready To Love’

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Uncategorized


Nigerian vocalist, Kelly Handsome has dropped a new song titled ‘Ready To Love’. And this one has all the makings of a massive hit.

‘Ready To Love’ is a fast-tempo track, certain to make its way to the top of night club DJ charts. It is a cross-genre hit, mixing Afro-Pop with Highlife to create a fine blend of melody.

Kelly Handsome whose time in the fore of Nigerian music is a distant past, is currently on a journey to regain his past acceptance by fans. It’s now confirmed that he’s working on a couple tracks with LOOPY MUSIC Chairman/Ceo M.I ‘most incredible’ Abaga himself, who recently contracted his production company to produce a couple tracks for his new album.

Mr. handsome is currently in Nigeria to pay a condolence visit to his former label Boss and media mogul, Mr. Kenny Ogungbe aka Baba Keke. The CEO of Kennis Music recently lost his mother.


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