Life and biography of Nigerian actress Genivieve Nnaji

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Genevieve Nnaji[born may 3 1979] is a versatile person; she is many ladies in one. She is a very popular Nollywood actress whose fame goes beyond Nigeria, as she has fans all over the world . She’s an actress, model, musician, businessperson and mother. Now, let’s take a peep into the life of this lady to know more about her.
Genevieve Nnaji started her acting career as a child actress in the then-popular television soap opera “Ripples” at the age of 8. She was also featured in several commercials, some of which included Pronto beverage and Omo detergent. In 1998, at the age of 19, she made her debut in the growing Nigerian film industry with the movie “Most Wanted.” As an upcoming actress, trying to create a niche for herself, she went through various minor roles seeking for that opportunity for a breakthrough…………………….
Her name became a household name and her image the desire of every young girl. In 2002, she starred in the movie Sharon Stone (2002) (V), and her fame shot beyond the shores of Nigeria to the rest of Africa and several European countries. One can say that through the buzz, Genevieve reinvented the Nigerian film Industry, introducing Nollywood to the rest of the world.
Genevieve appeals just as warmly to Kenyans, Liberians, South Africans, Tanzanian Gambia and Ghanaians, who avidly watch Nigerian home videos at home and abroad. Genevieve has led the market into new territories today.
She took the extra step of projecting herself beyond Nigeria by having a Web site constructed back in 2003, and it was arguably the most-visited Nigerian site on the Internet. Its fame spread like wildfire, a jolly virus: 3549 hits on 355 pages in two weeks.
Genevieve Nnaji was born on May 3, 1979, in Mbaise, Imo state of Nigeria, to an engineer father and a teacher mother. Being the fourth of the family’s eight children,she grew up in Lagos and was brought up in a middle class environment. After her primary education, she proceeded to the Methodist Girls College, Yaba, Lagos, for her secondary education.
Genevieve studied at the University of Lagos, where she first attempted to venture into professional acting as an adult, by auditioning for acting roles available.
Genevieve Nnaji has a daughter. The question now is “is Genevieve Nnaji married?” No, she’s not. She was once pregnant when she was much younger. Some accounts hold that this happened during her secondary school days. Genevieve Nnaji daughter’s name is Chimebuka. Presently, she’s still single. So far, her response to the question, “who is Genevieve Nnaji boyfriend?” has been “that’s private for now.”
Nnaji received several awards and nominations for her work, including the Best Actress of the year award at the 2001 City People Awards and the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the 2005 African Movie Academy Awards. In 2004, she signed a recording contract with EKB Records, a Ghanaian record label, and released her debut album, “One Logologo Line,” a mix of various styles of so-called urban music.
In 2008, Nnaji launched a clothing line called St. Genevieve, which donates a percentage of its proceeds to charity. Shei is one of the best-paid actresses in Nollywood.
Genevieve Nnaji started acting at the tender age of eight, when she featured in Ripples, a very popular television soap opera. However, she formally entered Nollywood in 1998, when she was just 19, featuring in a movie titled “Most wanted”. She later featured in many films subsequently. In fact, Genevieve has featured in more than 80 Nollywood movies to date, and she is currently one of the highest paid actresses in Nollywood.
Won Best Actress at the inaugural AMAA.
Was voted for and officially became face of Lux beauty soap for sub-Saharan Africa in 2004.
Appeared in Maria Claire Magazine alongside Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, and Catherine Zeta-Jones in an article about who is the most beautiful woman in your world, in which she came fourth.
The first woman to host the Gulder Ultimate Search and the first host of “Gulder Ultimate Search–Celebrity Showdown.”.
Loves Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian work.
Voted as the sexiest Nollywood actress in poll conducted by Vanguard Newspaper in 2008.
Has been dubbed as the ‘Julia Roberts of Africa’ by Oprah Winfrey and Cable News Network (CNN).
In its 20 years of publishing, News/Politics magazine, TELL has never put a Nigerian entertainer on it’s cover until Genevieve Nnaji graced one of its June 2011 editions.
Ranked #19 in Forbes “40 Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa” [2011].
Genevieve’s home
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