Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Dumps His Fiancée For A Business Woman

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Nollywood actor Kenneth Okonkwo told us few months ago that he has an uncommon sexual appetite and can go on with a woman for the whole day in the bedroom. He also added that his woman “understands”.

But it appears that his woman can’t take the “huge thing” again or he is just tired of giving all his juice to only her as sources say he has dumped her for a new big girl, who is a rich fashion designer. Revelations below:

“Ken is very fond of Maureen. The new babe is a London chic, she is a fashion designer and has a store of hers where she sells wears. She surely knows how to keep a man asking for more.

“From what we are observing, Kenneth might want Maureen as his wife, but we doubt if Maureen is thinking in that direction,” a close insider reveals.

We just hope a man with the kind of sexual appetite he claims to have can stay with ‘just’ one woman!

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