Love vs Football Cristiano Ronaldo Ditches The Pitch For Some Good Loving

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Cristiano Ronaldo is madly in love with Russian Girlfriend, Irina Shayk

Real Madrid FC’s centre forward Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted at the Bernabeu stadium on Saturday flirting with his stunning Russian girlfriend Irina Shayk as his team walloped Valladolid 4 – 0 in the Spanish La Liga game.

Ronaldo hardly misses a match except when he is injured and seems his injured lay-off was effectively put into another use. The Portuguese winger and his girl took seats in an exclusive member’s area high in the stands and the pair spent more time lustfully looking at each other than the actual goal fest taking place on the pitch.

The couple only had eyes for each other and at some point, the Ballon D’or winner was seen wrapping his arms around the Russian model and pulling her closer.  Meanwhile Irina appeared to be love-struck as she nestled her head into his well built but clothed chest and seemed delighted.

The Russian model recently topped Maxim Russia’s Hot 100 Women List, an accolade that follows her first place in the Hottest Russian Women poll conducted by Complex Magazine.

Sadly, Ronaldo will have to leave his sexy lady love behind as he returns to play next week. He confirmed to reporters, “I no longer have an injury… I am on good form… I will be there for the next game for sure”



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