3yr old boy drowns newborn twin brother and leaves another brain damaged as he tried to bathe them

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

A three-year-old boy drowned his newborn twin brother and left the other permanently brain damaged as he tried to bathe them while their mother slept off four super strength lagers.
The boy said he wanted to make his siblings ‘nice and clean’.

When the insomniac mother, fell asleep in the afternoon after drinking the alcohol, the toddler woke up and ran a 10-inch bath of cold water for his siblings.
The mother woke to the sight of her infant children naked and unconscious, not breathing, then called the police.

Defending Counsel, David McLaughlin, said the mother will be haunted by what happened forever.
‘She bears full responsibility – not a day goes by when she doesn’t think about what happened. Every morning she wakes up with a vision of her babies’ faces in the bath, a vision that will haunt her forever-more,’ he said.

She was sentenced to one year in prison, two years suspension and a supervision order after pleading guilty to three counts of neglect.
The Judge, Mrs Justice Cox said, ‘Your real punishment will lie in the images that will stay with you, possibly permanently, of what happened that day.’
Culled from Daily Mail UK

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