Lagos Female Banker Cuts off Her Husband’s Pénis Over Money

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

A female banker, Mrs Bimbo Ajetumobi Daniju is now under police investigation in Lagos after she assaulted her husband during a domestic argument. The argument which started as a result of her husband’s inability to provide enough money for the family’s needs for Christmas later degenerated.

Mrs. Bimbo got angry, attacked her husband and cut his penis with a knife…
While the husband, Olalekan Daniju, was eating on December 16th, his wife came and started shouting at him calling him unprintable names, she poured his plate of food on his head and proceeded to beat him with a bucket she found in the compound.

Olalekan Daniju was reported to have run to his sister’s shop to seek refuge from his angry wife but Bimbo followed him there with broken bottle threatening to stab him. They were settled and went to bed in peace.

But around 2am, there was shouting in the couple’s apartment and reports have it that she woke her husband up, tore his pants and held his penis.

She proceeded to cut his penis with the knife she was holding and ran away leaving him with parting shot:
“That is where you will die!” with Lekan shouting and writhing in anguish.

Lekan was rushed to a private clinic where he was treated.

Mrs Bimbo has been arrested by the police but her husband, who is said to be a simple man that stays away from problems, was said to have told the police that he is not interested in her prosecution.
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