SHOCKING : Jay-Z Files For Divorce From Beyonce

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
 This coming as a big shock, even though the pair were reported to be unhappy with each other a while back.
 America rapper Jay-z was quoted saying “I got n*ggas in the barbershop asking me have I heard the new Beyonce album. Picture that sht?” Said Jay-Z about when he received the news that Beyonce, his wife of five years dropped a secret album on iTunes.
Jay-Z filed for divorce early Monday morning citing that trust in his marriage to singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter was irrevocably broken after finding out she dropped a surprise album that not even he knew about. “She treated me like the fourth member of Destiny’s Child. I just don’t matter no more.”
 Said Jay-Z when asked by court appointed marriage counselor Johns Hopkins how he felt about the whole situation. “She acted like my lips were sexy all these years so honestly ain’t no telling what else she lying about”.
Friends close to Beyonce believe Jay-Z was looking for anyway out of the marriage and most likely just tired of coming home to the same woman every night.
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