Lunatics Take Over Abuja Streets

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They may be referred to as social nuisance but as far as they are concerned, they are ‘normal’ and full of life while the rest of us are the lunatics. Kuni Tyessi takes a look at how their numbers have continued to increase on the streets of Abuja.

Abuja, which is also known to be the Federal Capital Territory and the Centre of Unity, is no doubt the world’s fastest growing city. This can be attributed not only to its number of estates, hotels, parks, etc, but also to the large influx of people who believe it is a land of opportunities and probably one flowing with the proverbial milk and honey.

It seems to be a city with invisible hands that beckon. For those that answer the call to where the national cake is shared and with the hope of getting a fat ration, one thing readily comes to mind, wealth, fame or fortune or even all three at thesame time.

Since Abuja has become a Mecca of sorts just like any capital of a populous country, it will not be out of place to state that persons with all kinds of orientation, beliefs and outlook towards the things of life will definitely have roles to play and scenes to accommodate the acts.

The lunatics are not left out of this as they live side by side with the mentally balanced, as nature has planned it in such a way that the two groups must co-exist and can be said to ‘need’, each other, after it has been ascertained that they all come from families and do not exist in vacuums, even though, this claim can be debated upon.

A trip to Wuse, from Berger busstop or from Zone 4, close to Access Bank which is adjacent to Jaiz Bank, is the home of a lunatic who finds pleasure in spreading a large polythene and lying on it with legs crossed. He wears dirty short dreadlocks which is very common and typical of persons in thesame world with him. Close to him is always an iron bar on which he hangs his belongings, all of them in a black polythene bag. The contents are unknown, even though, they cannot be far from dirty and un-usable objects and or materials. Many pedestrians and onlookers walk pass him after stealing a glance or two and with some shaking their heads in dismay and leaving their thoughts only to the imagination.

While lunatics are known to be violent and dreadful especially during harmattan, as psychiatrists have revealed, the dark in complexion tall lunatic is always looking peaceful and unassuming, as he never notices the presence of anybody or even passers-by.

It might also not be out of place to state that the Abuja lunatics might have been beaten by the bug of calmness as they are hardly violent and are too individualistic which is the norm of the city, as everyone seems to be on the fast lane with targets to be met.

At Nyanya, a suburb of the FCT is a popular female lunatic. She should be in her late 20s or early 30s and is always in a skirt and shirt which have turned brown. She wears no shoes and also wears short dreadlocks. She is usually seen dancing to music from nearby shops in a fast rhythmic manner and does not seem to know that her actions are eye-catching and cannot be ignored.

They are not alone as there are several others who can be seen roaming about the streets in once upon a time clean clothes which have suddenly turned dirty brown and have seen better days and sometimes torn due to constant use. Some of them do not readily come to mind as lunatics, but a second or a closer look betrays their state of mind and mental health. They are found more in Wuse, Central Business District, Garki and satellite towns such as Kubwa, Nyanya, Lugbe as well as suburbs.

At this juncture, one might want to know the genesis of their problem as some of them are victims of circumstances. Others might have been exposed to it due to life style, eg, engaging in the use and overdose of uncensored drugs and or chemicals or stimulants that are dangerous to health except if prescribed by medical experts.

Being Africans and surrounded with all kinds of mystic beliefs brings many to the realisation that some might have inherited generational curses em-bedded in mental ill-health, due to agreements entered into with certain deities over non-payment of deals or refusal to carry out certain instructions which had been agreed upon.

Others might have fallen into the deep pits they had dug for others which is also referred to as Nemesis, and some times it can be related to after birth complications even though this can be adequately controlled and within the shortest possible time, the victim will be said to have recovered and this can be medically proven.

Research has revealed that madness are in categories as even the mentally balanced are said to suffer from five minutes of madness on a daily basis as even anger can be attributed to madness.

If there’s anything to go by, then everyone living in Nigeria can be said to be mad because the citizens are angry considering the high cost of living, inadequate power supply, incessant strike, high rate of unemployment, threat to life and property due to insecurity, lack of basic amenities and over stretched infrastructure in many communities, and the list is simply inexhaustive.

While not forgetting the fact that madness is in categories, the lunatics in Abuja just like in other parts of the country parade themselves at busstops, eg, Berger busstop, round abouts, as observed in major cities of the country, Garki and Wuse Markets and also at the Secretariat. They can be said to be the category that love crowd and noise. The second category are usually located at uncompleted buildings, grave yards and footpaths which are hardly in use. They can also be referred to as the reserved

Investigation reveals that lunatics are found at round about’s and T-junctions because of gravity at those points. Some school of thought have also gone spiritual in a bid to combine the science and the unseen or mystique world and are of the opinion that every junction has a ‘territorial spirit’ which is in charge, hence, the lunatics are attracted to the spirits and must do only according to their bidding.

Despite the fact that they are seen and considered as social misfits and people that nobody will readily hug, many of them, especially the females, have come under sexual attack by men of low thought pattern. Many of them, despite their state of mind have been burdened with pregnancies with whose father’s have gone with the wind.

The federal Capital Territory Administration is known to have come up with laws which were against street begging and prostitution, but is yet to come up with anything that has to do with lunatics as they do not fall into any of the categories.

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